How I Prepared My Wedding in China for Less Than 8 Weeks!

It has been almost 2 months after my beautiful wedding, but still my friends are asking how I managed to prepare everything in less than 3 months, not to mention that everything was done through the internet! As me and my husband are a very simple, easy going type of person, we do try to avoid stressing for our wedding. Having everything done through online, for us, is the simplest way and so much less stressing than the conventional way. So, if you are a simple, easy going type of couple who are looking for a no-hassle, less stressful wedding, here are share some of my experience in form of useful tips below, hope you might find something useful! Oh, as this is a long post, I divided into 2 parts. The second part is in the making, but it will not be too long before it is published 😉

  • Week 1 : Choose your color theme for the wedding in Pinterest

    I love browsing through Pinterest to find inspiration (it is such a guilty pleasure that I have been doing it in daily basis now!). Beginning from -just browsing through random images- to actually found something attractive enough, may takes several days depending on what type of image attracts you most. For me, after 5 days of browsing, I finally found a beautiful image of ceramics plates, with its cobalt blue and white color combination.Ceramics
    As soon as I found this image, I started searching for “Cobalt Blue Color Palette”, still through Pinterest, to find the best color combo that suits my personality and his, as we both has similar taste in colors. The only different would be, I like Fuchsia.
    Color Palette
    Then, I search  “Cobalt Blue Wedding Theme” to see how other couples execute this color palette into their wedding.
    Cobalt Wedding Theme
    Based on bunches of other images on “Cobalt Blue Wedding Theme”, I decided that this is the color theme that I want for my wedding because of reasons; first, I do not want to wear white bridal gown, second, I want a color that is not too mainstream in the wedding theme area, and third, the color itself is very beautiful and elegant. Interestingly, this color also has a good meaning behind it that reflects what we want from our marriage.The color blue is the color of trust and responsibility  This color is one of trust, honesty and loyalty. It is sincere, reserved and quiet, and doesn’t like to make a fuss or draw attention. It hates confrontation, and likes to do things in its own way.
  • Week 2: Buy Your Wedding Dress. Don’t have time? Purchase Online!

    Most of the people I have spoken to, doesn’t trust me when I says that I bought my wedding dress online. But I really did! I spent almost a week searching for the perfect wedding dress, in Taobao, Chinese C2C commerce platform.There are several option for the wedding dress that I gathered from Taobao. I sent all images of the dresses to my bestfriends, a stylist & a designer, back home in Indonesia, as I fully trusted their opinion and they are well known for their tasteful work and design aside for knowing me for more than 5 years.Sizing is important when it comes to purchasing clothes online. As a former fashion designer assistant, I know my own body measurement, as sizing may differ from store to store, it really helps to know your own measurement or have someone else help you to get the correct measurement for you, before deciding to purchase online.  You could also use this site to help you figure out your size. Be aware that you could only try the dress, once it arrives to you and you might found a lot of difference in term of colors, length, size etc on the dress. So don’t put your expectation too high when buying wedding dress online!I bought mine in size S but when I tried it on, the dress still have 2-3 cm room on the waist area. Also, the inner dress is too short for me and as I am not into the “show legs on my wedding day” – type of person, I was quiet disappointed. I tried not to be a perfectionist as usual. By perfectionist means checking every single stitching, looking for loose threads, small flaws etc as I always do when purchasing in major retail stores. Despite the flaws it has,  I do like the dress, it has the perfect Cobalt color and beautiful embroidery!How the dress I imagined should be
    How the dress turned out to be
    Long Nude Royal Sweetheart Sheer Lace Floral Evening Dress
    My wedding dress in real
    The Wedding Dress
  • Week 3: Buy All The Accessories or DIY it!

    As soon as I tried on my wedding dress, I came up with several solutions on how to make the dress more fitted in the waist and more puffy in the bottom. I decided to make a wide belt/wedding sash, made of rhinestones and faux pearls, with a tutorial I found online. First, I drew the outline on a parchment paper then hold it against the sash and instead of sewing the pearls and rhinestones, I mostly glued them on. Yes, I am as efficient as that! :p
    The Sash
    As mentioned earlier, the bottom part of my dress wasn’t as I expected so I purchased maxi – 9 layers of tulle- skirt, to be worn under the dress as it will gives a fuller look on the bottom as well to conceal the sheerness of the dress itself.
    Once I tried everything on, I was satisfied! The dress become much better than it was, with the sash and the tulle skirt inside. The length of the dress and the tulle skirt compliments each other (thanks to my measurement skill!) and my handmade sash accentuate my waist perfectly, giving it the shape I wanted!As Taobao also offerer purchasing service, I purchased my Jimmy Choo heels through this service. The seller gave me links she can purchase from, some were designer’s bargain sites in the US, where I found a very beautiful Jimmy Choo Dempsey heels and have her purchased it for me. As Dempsey was a 2014 Cruise collection, the shoes wasn’t expensive. My shoes came in around 14 days period, but it was worth waiting for.
  • Week 4: Buy The Ring!
    One week is enough for me to browse around online and offline in the shopping malls, to find my wedding ring. As I am not really into gold, I preferred a rose gold ring instead. In Shenzhen, there is only a few jewelries boutique that sells rose gold wedding ring, so as soon as I found it, I talked it out to my fiance and we purchased it the next day as I was afraid it will be gone if we waited few more days. I bought my ring in I DO boutique in Shopping Park, Shenzhen. My fiance actually chose it for me because the one that I chose was not really pretty in his opinion. My ring is a very simple ring with 10 diamonds on it which represent our wedding date, 10th of June 2015.

For the rest of the weeks, I did my research for the bridal makeup in Hong Kong and the venue. I went for Kalam from as she is a famous makeup artist based in Hong Kong and have been known to create a naturally beautiful makeup for brides. As for the venue, we wanted to do simple dinner and was going for Indian restaurant. But considering that we will have International friends coming to our wedding, I decided to book the famous Indonesian restaurant, simply called Indonesian Restaurant 1968  in Central, instead.

All in all, although things weren’t completely perfect, everything turns out to be wonderful. The simple ceremony and dinner with family and close friends were all the things I dreamed of for my own wedding. I do miss the Indonesian traditional wedding ceremony, so we’d probably do another one in time 🙂