My Pre-Purchase Justification of Luxury Bags

Sometimes, I found myself starring at my laptop screen for quite a while. I wasn’t starring at 9Gag or Bored Panda, I was starring at one famous online shop that carries branded bags. I started off browsing the site just to see what is the current trend like, and then I bumped to rows of bags.Take a look of these beauties I am eyeing below!

This is not the first time I get some sort of  “dilemma”. Years ago, my dilemma was solved in almost an instance, because I didn’t have that much money to spend on a branded bag and I hated buying stuff with credit card. But now, when I have the money to spend on Gucci, Prada, whatever brand I want, I find myself in a deeper level of dilemma.

Every time I wanted to buy an expensive bag, I have to sleep it off. Then I have to answer my “pre-purchase” questions such as; do I really need it? why do I need it? is it just because I want to show it off? is it really necessary? will my life change when I tote this particular bag or will I become an arrogant person instead? I barely able to answers these questions, especially the part where I asked myself, what can I do for the society, with this amount of money I am about to spend on a bag? I am almost ashamed of myself trying to justify my purchase.

There are many people who just simply love to buy branded bags but I am not here to judge them. I have few  friends who happens to own few Hermes bags but are still down to earth and loves to do charity works. I do think that they are way better at managing their finance than me and I really should learn from them!

There are also some studies about the psychological explanation behind luxury brands here and here  which I think are quite true, especially for me. I constantly talking to myself that toting a Chanel bag will definitely boost my self-confidence (as the bag have been perceived as a luxurious brand successful people carries around) but is not like I don’t have self-confidence at all, right?

Don’t get me wrong, I do want to buy myself few classic luxury bags that I could pass down to my daughter, granddaughter and so on, but that will only come after securing our daughter’s education fund, house fund, donation and other funds that really matters. For now, as long as the bag is made of a good quality leather, I’ll definitely wears it with confidence!

The Non-Existent Relationship between Me and Google

Been reading Jeff Jarvis’ “What Would Google Do?” and Siva Vyaithyanatha’s “Googlization of Everything” to understand how Google works. Aside of having the knowledge on how many data or information about each of us Google have been collecting, I do think I am getting a bit paranoid here.

I have been using Google on daily basis and from time to time. When I want to look up for something, I go to Google, every single day, it has become a habit of mine and everyone else I believe. This is a dependency, it almost feels like I am the nagging girlfriend of Google, who needs to know everything, everytime.

I honestly am scared of being dependent on Google. We have Google everywhere, on our laptop and mobile devices. We have changed our way of filtering information, because suddenly the world and everything we want to know about,  is right on our screen, thanks to Google right?

It does seems magical, but then again, on the other hand, people read less and less books, conventional printed medias are dying, and “stalking” people through Google have become something that is tolerable, because everybody does it. One thing that always tick me off is that whenever I asked a question such as; “Hey, do you know how 4G works?”, my friend would just tell me one quick answer; “Google it”. Seriously, I was expecting a more elaborate answer than that. But hey, this conversation happens on daily basis, in every part of the world that has internet.

I do think that we are able to survive without Google, but, we will have a very long process on finding answers to our questions. For us who already getting used to “everything instant”, this could be a major problem. Have you ever imagine if Google existed years ago during Socrates’ time, or during Einstein’s time? I have and it is something that I am glad didn’t happen.

The Story Behind Ms.Techie

I wrote my first article on technology  in Fashionese Daily website, a part of Female Daily Network,  the place where I had been given the chance to write and explore myself (thank you!!!) . My first review was on Samsung Galaxy Note, it was a hands on. I remember how exciting it was and I couldn’t let go of it. To have a new gadget on my hand, to experience it first hand before anyone else, was something for me and to gain trust from tech brands, to review their products, means a lot to me 🙂

So, why do I decided to be Ms.Techie?

We all know that women who works in IT companies are called “IT-Chick” but it was a term that’s already widely use. I want something different. Some people told me that I am “techie“, well other than “geek” which for me sounds more intimidating. Techie wasn’t even a term that I was familiar with, but when I looked it up on dictionary; techie apparently means “a person who is very knowledgeable or enthusiastic about technology and especially high technology“. I am not very knowledgeable nor resourceful, but I do love technology and I am the kind of person who is enthusiastically wanting to learn about it. I even enrolled myself into several online courses so that I can understand a little bit better. I mean, I am a nobody in tech industry and to understand about  mobile technology, computer, processor etc, I have to learn from the very basic and just keep on learning… and it will never stop, I can’t never stop learning really. It’s a long quest and as you can see, technology is not something that will ever gonna stop. So most probably, the day I stop learning is the day I die!

Anyways, yes it is weird even for me, to stand out and “market” myself as Ms.Techie. First, I thought it will be nice to differentiate myself from others, in social media. So I started using hashtag (#MsTechie) on my technology related pictures on Instagram and Twitter. But then, I decided to acknowledge myself and although it is hard to gain this kind of confidence, I start seeing myself as Ms.Techie. Most of people maybe would think, “who are you to say you’re techie?“. Well, I decided not to care much about what people thinks. The day I decided to have my own personal branding as Ms.Techie, was the day I finally appreciated myself. It was a long rough journey for me to finally able to gain a slight confident in tech world and the good thing is, most of people I met who works in IT or are tech editors or journalists, do believe in me. They willingly teach me a lot of things, they patiently answers my dumb “basic” questions, they never see me as an annoying little princess, they inspires me.

Besides, when what I wrote gets me to a place where I have never been before, shouldn’t it be considered as acknowledgement? I am not a hardcore technical reviewer (one day, I will be though!), but I do feel the same excitement and thrill whenever I get a new device to review as any other tech reviewer will. I still have so much to learn, but you know what, I am Ms.Techie, I believe I can do because this is what I love to do and what I do best..I hope you’re with me!!  🙂

as Ms.Techie

Welcoming Myself to WordPress!

Nooooo I am not deleting my personal blog here, I just want to separate my techie post  from my personal blog. You know, putting things into perspective :p I hope my “website” here is much easier and less complicated, because there are lot of people that sent me messages (feedback) telling me that my personal blog is really complicated, I tend to write everything there…fashion, tech, politics yep, confusing, just like the owner here 😀

Anyways, I hope my new website here it’s enjoyable enough. I am not trying to be a die hard tech writer here, I am still learning and I know that I know nothing  🙂

-Ayu Putri-