The Non-Existent Relationship between Me and Google

Been reading Jeff Jarvis’ “What Would Google Do?” and Siva Vyaithyanatha’s “Googlization of Everything” to understand how Google works. Aside of having the knowledge on how many data or information about each of us Google have been collecting, I do think I am getting a bit paranoid here.

I have been using Google on daily basis and from time to time. When I want to look up for something, I go to Google, every single day, it has become a habit of mine and everyone else I believe. This is a dependency, it almost feels like I am the nagging girlfriend of Google, who needs to know everything, everytime.

I honestly am scared of being dependent on Google. We have Google everywhere, on our laptop and mobile devices. We have changed our way of filtering information, because suddenly the world and everything we want to know about,  is right on our screen, thanks to Google right?

It does seems magical, but then again, on the other hand, people read less and less books, conventional printed medias are dying, and “stalking” people through Google have become something that is tolerable, because everybody does it. One thing that always tick me off is that whenever I asked a question such as; “Hey, do you know how 4G works?”, my friend would just tell me one quick answer; “Google it”. Seriously, I was expecting a more elaborate answer than that. But hey, this conversation happens on daily basis, in every part of the world that has internet.

I do think that we are able to survive without Google, but, we will have a very long process on finding answers to our questions. For us who already getting used to “everything instant”, this could be a major problem. Have you ever imagine if Google existed years ago during Socrates’ time, or during Einstein’s time? I have and it is something that I am glad didn’t happen.

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